6 months old already?

Dear Nora,
I cannot believe that you are a half year old already! The first 3-4 months were a total blur and really rough for you, but I am so proud of how well you have adjusted and how well you are doing now. No more colic, no more writhing in pain from reflux, no more nursing issues, no more sleepless nights. You have more good days than bad now and your personality is really shining! Your genuine smile is the kind that lights up a room already, with your dad’s bright blue eyes that smile as well. A small portion of your right eye started to turn brown when you were 5 weeks old but it hasn’t changed any more since then. Your hair is coming in more, but you still have the bald spot in the back from where you rub it off.  I never thought I’d have a baby that looks like you–with light colored hair and blue eyes! I always imagined having a baby with a head full of dark hair and dark eyes like I had since dark, latina features are usually dominant, but I LOVE every feature you have! Your lips are so perfect, your hands and toes are perfect, and your chunky thighs are just SO adorable! You roll over in your sleep and have become quite the stomach sleeper. You are so smart and have hit all the milestones ahead of the curve so far. You’ve been SUPER ALERT from day one, and every doctor, nurse, and midwife has commented about how alert you’ve always been. You don’t want to miss a thing!  

We have been having a lot of fun and adventures the last couple of months and I love every moment of being your mom.You love books and have been turning the pages yourself since you were 2.5 months old. You love maracas and music. You rarely sit still. It’s even difficult to nurse you because you’ve always been so active. And rough. You are not a gentle baby! lol. You go from zero to 60 and there is no warning for your moods. You are full of life and you know what you want! haha! I’m just glad you are much happier lately and I wouldn’t trade you for a calm, gentle, baby any day!


You are a constant reminder of how precious life is and I beg God everyday to let me live a full life just to be able to spend more time with you. The way you touch my face, lean in for hugs, and plaster wet kisses all over my face is worth living for alone. Most of my life I wanted to be a mommy, except for a few years before I met your dad, but I never imagined it would be as wonderful as it is. If I never have another adventure or if I never get to do some of the remaining items on my bucket list it won’t matter, because you are enough. My love for you is boundless and your soul has healed my heart. My heart is so full.

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