Nursing a sock monkey


My friend, Sannetta, captured this photo at our harvest bonfire party while I was nursing Nora.

When I was a little girl I had a sock monkey that I played with more than my doll. I loved that sock monkey and carried it around, put it in the toy baby crib, rocked it, and even “nursed” it. It was a well-known fact in my family how much I loved my sock monkey and I even got called “monkey” a lot. One sister always tried to embarrass me by immediately telling any friend or a boyfriend for 20 years that “Maranda used to nurse her sock monkey” like something a kid does that is sweet and innocent between the ages of 3-5 is something to be embarrassed about. This year I have my real life sock monkey who I get to nurse! I had to fight for me. I had to fight for her. And I had to fight to be able to nurse. But every wonderful dream of being a mother that I had doesn’t compare to the joy I have or the thankfulness that is in my heart now. This will always be one of my favorite photos. 


Funny how life comes full circle.

Our costumes were “Nora’s Toy Box” this year. Ken and I met at a costume party, and I’ve LOVED dressing up and making costumes, so it was a fun year to do this for Nora’s 1st costume party. Everyone who knows me knows how much I’ve loved sock monkey my whole life, and they’ve always been a gift I receive. Raggedy Ann and Andy were a large part of my childhood, as well. My friend Sannetta had made a sock monkey costume for  her son when he was little, and she was sweet enough to let us borrow it so I didn’t have to make one! Ken was  good sport about dressing up as a doll, I convinced him by saying, “Nora only has her 1st costume party once!”


He sure does love that little girl!





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