My real-life Elf on the Shelf

I vowed to not over-commit myself this holiday season as usual and to not spend all of my time the usual way I spend December-making 30+ treats to take or send everywhere and to everyone- but to spend it with Nora instead.

That’s where this idea was born! A fun, festive way to make memories with my favorite girl while also creating a special project for her to look back on of her 1st Christmas. It gave me a way to still create things for Christmas, with it all revolving around Nora. She seems to be having fun with it!

Day #1

My name is Squishy Twinkletoes

I came from the north one of the Poles

I’m feeling jolly

And full of folly

I have fun wherever I go


 Day #2

“Traveling is fun for me
I do it every year
I’ve been all around the world
But it’s my first Christmas here”


Day #3

 Squishy Twinkletoes can’t play the guitar *yet* but that doesn’t stop her from banging around and strumming some Christmas tunes for us!
“The best way to spread Christmas cheer is singing loudly for all to hear!”


Day #4

Cutting up paper
Getting glue all over me
Cards to bring good cheer


Day #5

Elf on the Shelf #5 Squishy Twinkletoes was caught red-handed playing with Nora’s toys but she has no shame!

“All good elves work hard all day
But they still have time for play!”


Day #6

Squishy Twinkletoes likes to keep her mind sharp by doing some puzzles in her down time.

Half of my beauty is my brain
I play to learn so I will gain!


Day #7

I didn’t do it!! Don’t blame me!
I’m only admiring this Christmas tree! 


Day #8

It’s fun to joke and it’s fun to draw
I hope this isn’t against the law!
For if it is I will pay the price
Because I don’t play very nice!


Day #9

Wool, wood, brick, grain, and ore
Roll the dice to collect some more
I have resources to trade
Although, honestly, I’m afraid
That if you look away my cards may double
Although I try to stay out of trouble!


Day #10

I like to sip on a nice glass of wine, which, just like me, is better with time.



Many festive things to do
before Christmas Eve
Every day it’s something new
until I have to leave


Day #12

I like to do such naughty things
but disapproving looks they bring.
If only I could figure out
a way to carry lots of clout
for blaming all my stunts on pets,
my guilt the humans may forget! 


Day #13

My favorite things to taste are sweet
In any shape or form;
The taste of sugar can’t be beat,
I always ask for more!


Day #14

Why are you looking at me like that?

I’m only an Elf on the Shelf!

I couldn’t have possibly cut her hair;

She must have done it herself!

Day #15

Sprinkles, frosting, sugar, and more

all over the cookies, table, and floor!

Just can’t decide if this tasty treat

is more fun to decorate or to eat!

That’s what Squishy Twinkletoes has been up to so far! Stay tuned to see what other mischief she gets into!


Click HERE for Part Two



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