The days are long but the years are short.

936 pennies. Each penny symbolizes one week of your life from birth until your 18th birthday. The weeks that I am your legal guardian, care taker, and responsible for raising you. The weeks that I have to help you realize your purpose and to help you grow confident in your abilities. The weeks I will spend teaching you manners, lessons, and skills that you will use to help you through life as you discover the path you will take and the passions you will pursue.

Each penny shows the value of one week. Pennies are small and get lost in couch cushions, under seats on the car floorboards, in old purses, and sometimes, even thrown out, and divided into 7 parts for each day of the week they seem even more minuscule.

Yet- they can also be invested to grow into something of more worth.

Some weeks it may feel like a quarter’s worth of time will pass, others I’m sure will feel like part of a day. Mundane weeks, weeks of frustration, exciting weeks, weeks of wonder.

No matter how much time it may feel like doesn’t change the actual time that I have before we set set you free.

These pennies will be transferred one by one, each week, and will teach me to watch more carefully how I spend my weeks with you. How many will be invested wisely? How many will be spent too frivolously? How many will I wish I could take back or exchange because of regrets I will have? How many will purchase more than I bargained for? One thing is for sure, they will all be spent, because we can’t save time or spend it more slowly, no matter how much we try.

I wanted to start these jars off before you were born, but I didn’t get around to until until your 32nd week. As I counted out the first 32 pennies to put in the “spent” jar and reflected on them through the day, I also looked back at the journal pages I have kept for you, the photos I have taken of you, and the milestones I have tracked. Many of the weeks have been invested wisely, and some I know I can’t even remember as they are blur of time mixed in exhaustion and frustrations. Some days the fraction of a penny I feel have been lost in the cracks, while others have purchased a a million dollars of memories.

May these jars remind me how time is fleeting, and how my time has been invested. Each penny spent will shape you and the rest of your life. My spending habits of these weeks will forever leave an impression on you.

God, help me spend them wisely.

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